• (2) MPM Momentum Plus Stencil Printers
  • (1) Assembleon MG-1 SMT Machine
  • (1) Assembleon Opal X II SMT Machine
  • (1) Assembleon Topaz X II SMT Machine
  • (1) Assembleon MG-1R w/ATS SMT Machine
  • (2) Contact CS400 Component Locator
  • Miretec MV-2HTL Automation Optical Inspection Machine
  • Mirtec MV-6 OMNI In-Line Automation Optical Inspection Machine
  • Electrovert Vectra 450 (Tin/Lead)
  • Electrovert Vectra 450 (RoHS)
  • Olmef SEP/1-M/1 PCB Depanelizer
  • Simonds CLP-2000A Component Lead Processor
  • HD-508 Temperature and Humidity Environmental Test Chamber

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