Following is a list of only a few of the devices that we have designed with:


If you are in need of a custom electronic design, manufacture of a new product or have a want to modernize an existing product; we want to talk to you! RLC Electronic Systems will work with your organization from initial concept through production of the finished product.

Most of the products manufactured at RLC Electronic System were designed from the ground up. Our customers come to us with ideas that we design and turn into a finished solution. We work closely with our customers’ sales and engineering departments to design and manufacture a prototype that meets or exceeds their requirements.

Once the prototype is approved, we move towards manufacturing the product. Our customers will receive a finished ready to ship product that includes assembly, packaging, software, documentation and a warranty! Our commitment to our customers does not end there. RLC Electronic Systems will continue to update and enhance the product as technology changes; giving our customers a competitive edge. Today a big challenge is dealing with a constantly changing list of components that are going obsolete. RLC continually searches for alternatives to keep production going.

We believe that intelligent electronic designs produce a more reliable and cost-effective product. The engineering staff at RLC Electronic Systems strives to design the best possible product at the best price.