Think of RLC Electronic Systems as a contract manufacture company with in-house design expertise. Our manufacturing advantages lies in utilizing our in-house electronic design expertise to manufacture a better more cost efficient product for our customers. RLC is able to manufacture products at competitive prices by taking advantage of economy of scale and tapping into our large inventory of electronic parts.

Our capabilities range from stuffing a simple circuit board, through designing a complete system, while providing knowledge in hardware, software, mechanical assembly, packaging, prototyping and production. Our engineering department often takes an existing design and makes it more reliable and easier to manufacture, thus more cost effective.

At RLC Electronic Systems, we believe in building and maintaining relationships with our customers. To this end, we deliver only quality cost effective electronic products and designs. Typically our customers simply incorporate the product we manufacture for them as if they had designed and manufactured it themselves. Let us put your product on our shelf ready to ship to you!